• I have more socks than I thought I had. Must start wearing new discoveries from back of drawer.

  • There are of course three entirely dissimilar odd socks.

  • Wow, I have way too many vests. Need to downgrade the rattier ones to sleepwear.

  • I really need to go bra shopping. Strangely, this is not inspiring me to dread.

  • No, I cannot continue to wear those bras. No, there is no possible use anyone could have for them. Certainly not as a support garment, and they're an awkward shape for a floorcloth.

    As the weather has been so spring-like lately (I've been considering digging out my sunglasses, if I didn't think I'd look stupid wearing sunglasses in March), I had a go at cleaning out my winter wardrobe.

    I only found a couple of shirts that I haven't worn at some point in the last six months. I have now donated them to the thrift shop down the road. It's not that I have a particularly small or well-organised wardrobe, it's just that I tend to procrastinate my ironing until there is nothing left to wear to work, and so work through it. Admittedly some of my interchangeable black work trousers or white shirts may not have been worn in the last six months, but I can't actually tell.

    Probably I should tackle my shoes next. Need to make room for more, after all ;)

    What's your criteria for getting rid of superfluous clothes? What do you think of the six-month rule?


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