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I ordered a new laptop (Sony Vaio), which arrived on Friday. It's great, apart from one thing: the touchpad seems to be set a little loosely so it rattles even if I just tap it. And I do tend to tap rather than click on touchpads. I might possibly be spoiled by the HP workhorses they give us in work (those things are pretty much indestructible unless you manage to drop it down a flight of stairs or something; my 6400 survived being dropped off a table and having half a cup of coffee in the keyboard.) I've tweaked the sensitivity of the Vaio's touchpad so now it's just on the edge of being annoying. I don't know whether to send it back or to keep it and hope I become accustomed to it (and that the rattle is not a harbinger of further touchpad problems a year or so down the road.) What to do?

I also managed to crash my phone to the point where it wouldn't boot past the initial splash screen. It's a 2.5 year old HTC Desire, so I could have upgraded at any point in the last year probably, but I don't want to. Even apart from the hassle of getting a new handset, I'm quite fond of that little one. After a few hours of messing around, I finally got it to boot into recovery mode, but I did manage to wipe all my apps from the phone. Eh, I wasn't using half of them anyway. I'm reinstalling the ones I miss. Sadly the versions now are larger than the versions that were around when I first installed them, and internal memory was never the Desire's strongest point.
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