[livejournal.com profile] angua9 made an interesting post a couple of days ago about appreciation vs appropriation of canon. (Briefly, appreciators enjoy it as is and if it stops being enjoyable, they wander off, while appropriators become attached to one aspect of it, or to the fanon, to the point where the canon disappoints them and the post screeds of complaint, or in extreme cases, wed Snape on the astral plane.

I fear I may have slightly appropriated Doctor Who recently, or in other words become one of a new breed of rapid Martha fen. Or possibly Last of the Time Lords was a complete stinker of an episode, down there with Love and Monsters.

Things in LotTL that I'm throwing out of my personal canon:

Spoilers )

Normally I'm more of an appreciator than an appropriator, or, as the Harmoanians or Draco-in-leather brigade would call me, a sheep. I mostly ship with what I think is the canon, and my fanfics are mainly fill-in-the-gaps, might have happened off-screen shorts.

However, I've just noticed that I'm more of an appropriator when the canon is many-authored: Lord of the Rings (book) or Harry Potter I just read and discuss, I don't even fanfic much, whereas with a TV series like Doctor Who or Battlestar Galactica it seems much easier to say "I'm going to quietly ignore episode X-after all, the writers dropped plotline Y and forgot about it two series ago." Also, the quality of TV series varies much more than a series of books by the same author. Films, like Potc, are somewhere in between, and Star Wars is a bit unusual: all the six films are canon (and I don't care that much when Han shot), but I throw out the books except for any interesting world-building I want to use in fic, and I've written a long original character fic that 's happening just off-screen. I suppose I appreciate the Skywalkers' story, but I've appropriated their world.

New Who is especially easy, because in a way it's fanon: Rusty and Co are fans who have got the opportunity to make a giant fanvid of the original series, complete with Mary Sues.
Ok, can someone take the series finales off Rusty now plz?

Spoilers, obv )

I am feeling a bit worried about Martha. Obviously tomorrow she will be awesome as usual, and I'm not seriously afraid of her dying, but I do hope that the Unrequited Rubbish will be resolved in some satisfactory manner.
I'm actually a bit concerned that Martha will tell the Doctor to get stuffed and leave, and who can blame her if she did? I hope she'll stay around and be amazing for another series at least, and I will be cross if she does the default companion exit and goes to work for Torchwood. It would also mean that Torchwood would be shown up as the collection of pathetic incompetents that they are (ooh, Martha vs Owen!) and it would have to stop running after two episodes, unless Martha gets infected by the Magic Uselessness, which would be tragic.
Another cliffhanger, sigh. How do they get out of this one?

Spoilers )
I've thought of a plot hole or three:

Spoilers )

Nothing to do with Utopia, but I've seen a lot of fics calling Martha an "intern". I assume that's American for house officer or whatever they're called at the minute, but I'd been assuming that she was a fifth-year student, based on her being 23 and still doing exams. Any medics about to correct me? Anyway, the word is still wrong. No interns.


Jun. 16th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Jun. 9th, 2007 08:48 pm
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Jun. 8th, 2007 12:52 pm
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I really should give up Confidential because it generally annoys me, but I keep being sucked in by David Tennant's Paisley accent. Perhaps if I press mute whenever Rusty comes on?

Cut for Rusty babbling vaguely about future episodes )

I am trying carefully to have no expectations of Blink, beyond "At least it's the Moff" and, "It can't be worse than Love and Monsters. I do like Martha's jacket, however (check the BBC site).
...which I keep typing as Family of Blodd.

This is a (slightly) deeper review rather than a reaction post, veering a little into meta territory.


Has anyone a cap/icon of the Doctor and Martha hugging at the end of the episode? I can't decide whether I prefer the shot where you see her face over his shoulder, or the one with his over hers.
Well, that lived up to last week's promise, all right. There were a couple of moments where I was almost crying. Over Doctor Who, yet.

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Jun. 1st, 2007 08:53 pm
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Has anyone read the book Human Nature? How old is Tim in it?

A DW fic rec: Mr and Mrs Smith (go to Lyrae), by [livejournal.com profile] owlyscribblings. It's funny and pointy and brilliant.

Still no luck with Project Journal Back-up. And sitemeter.com have changed their rather nice green and lavender graphs to red and yellow. Ow, my eyes.
For anyone who isn't watching [livejournal.com profile] martha_j:

Martha's Myspace is updated with a rather good post about off-screen adventures (yayness!) she and the Doctor had been having before Human Nature and a little more info on what was happening just before the episode opened.

He's lying outside the TARDIS and he's breathing but he's not the Doctor any more.

Human Nature

May. 26th, 2007 09:35 pm
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From spoilers I'd seen I was scared it would be rubbish, but it was a bit good actually. I'm reserving my final judgement until next week, but I am hopeful, yes.

Spoilers for episode and next week's trailer. )
Guess what I'm going to see at 2000 tomorrow? Assuming I remember to bring my credit card to the cinema, that is.

The BBC have update the site for Human Nature. Not much of a spoiler if you know anything whatever about the episode )
Oh, and Martha looks a lot different without her mascara on.





May. 19th, 2007 10:33 pm
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I'm feeling a slight touch of déja vu....

Spoilers for epsiode and trailer )
I didn't even bother watching Eurovision, though it's always good for laffs. I watched my tape of Lazarus Experiment instead, rewinding the trailer several times. Who is that speaking in the voiceover at the end? It's not DT or John barrowman and I'm pretty sure it's not John Simm....


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