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owl: Stylized barn owl (owl)

life, liberty and the pursuit of geekiness

the software, it no worky

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Created on 2009-03-03 21:04:48 (#412), last updated 2017-04-16 (104 weeks ago)

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Name:only a sinner saved by grace

Several different kinds of geek, and proud of it.

You are a RAVENCLAW!

As a Ravenclaw and as an NTP, you are intellectual, independent, and value excellence in yourself and in those around you. You have a strong sense of curiosity, and in general can see many aspects of a single issue or debate. You have a strong drive to acquire knowledge and set very high standards for yourself and those around you. You enjoy being challenged, and can accept constructive criticism without taking it personally. You are probably at
least somewhat unconventional, and will not usually follow authority for its own sake;
instead, you will consider the issue at hand and make a decision for yourself.

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!!pleh, $lj::will_not_work_without_steam_radiator, age of sail, alastair reynolds, amita ramanujan, amy macdonald, antonia forest, aral vorkosigan, arthur ransome, aspergers syndrome, astronomy, astrophysics, aubrey/maturin novels, battlestar galactica, bob dylan, charlie eppes, charlie/amita, children's literature, chocolate, christianity, cj cherryh, coding, computer science, conalphs, conlangs, cordelia naismith vorkosigan, county down, crax, cyteen, development, diana wynne jones, discworld, doctor who, don eppes, dorothy l sayers, eclipse, ekaterin vorkosigan, european history, ewen cameron of ardroy, fairport convention, fandom, fantasy literature, fiction, flight of the heron, folk rock, geeks, georgette heyer, ginny weasley, gregor vorbarra, han/leia, harriet vane, harry potter, harry/ginny, hermione granger, historical fiction, hockey, horatio hornblower, intp, ireland, jane austen, java, jesus christ, keira knightley, languages, leia organa, libraries, life on mars, linguistics, lois mcmaster bujold, lolcat, lord of the rings, luke skywalker, luna lovegood, marjorie allingham, martha jones, mathematics, middle earth, miles naismith vorkosigan, military history, moodthemes, myers-briggs, naval fiction, ncis, neil gaiman, neville longbottom, nicola marlow, numb3rs, obhwf, object oriented programming, open source, owls, pastede on yay, patrick o'brian, perl, peter wimsey, physics, pirates of the caribbean, pragmatic programming, programming, python, queens university belfast, ravenclaw, reformed presbyterian, rename plague, rock, roman britain, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rosemary sutcliff, ruby, sailing, sarah jane adventures, science, science fiction, scotland, second-hand bookshops, sf, simon and garfunkel, software development, software engineering, star wars, star wars prequels, sudoku, synaesthesia, tartan, tengwar, terry pratchett, the beatles, the corrs, the dark is rising, tolkien, u2, vorkosiverse, weasleys, wingless balrogs, writing fiction
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