They're cutting the barley over on the Feney Road, and the silage on Steps. Garry, on the other hand, is spreading extremely foul slurry diluted with creamery waste. Sigh.

I lay out on a rug this afternoon and attempted to continue my Jack Harkness fic. It's got almost ot the action scene, and you know how much I love those. *sigh* Still, if I keep plodding away it'll get done eventually, no matter how disjointed it ends up.

I kept getting distracted by Aldea. I'm mucking about with the verbs, and the pronouns. Like Spanish, nominative pronouns are optional in a sentence, but unlike Spanish, a rudimentary form of it is actually suffixed to the verb form. I ended up sidetracked into the plural forms of adjectives, though. Ones that end in vowels now form plurals in -n. I'm a bit worried lest they get confused with the (singular) adjectives in -en, but as the whole point is for them to agree with their head noun in number (they don't agree in case, btw), I think I'll be okay.
I found this in an old notebook. By the state of my handwriting I must have been about 12-14.

Phonology )

It looks like Irish with a bolt-on vowel system. Sadly, I wasn't using the fada with any sort of consistency. It's interesting to see the early appearance of my favourite dipthongs, ai and ei.

Vocabulary )

I note that plurals seem to form with -an, and to my amusement, I started with the irregular verbs. Nam for man, how creative.

It didn't seem to have a name, and it certainly has no current descendants. But it's fun to see how early I started.


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