All that just to end up with Cameron as PM after all.

Last night was the coldest May night since 1996. Even the weather disapproves of the Tories.
If the politicians faff about in Westminster for much longer, the country is going to realise that it's chugging along quite nicely without a government, and throw the whole lot of them out on their ear.


May. 7th, 2010 10:34 pm
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Wonder how a Con/Lib coalition will work. Or not. Hope that NI's public spending doesn't suffer too badly.
Most interesting things in NI were Belfast East (goodbye, Robinson) and Fermanagh South Tyrone (Four votes. Four!)

Yadda yadda

Apr. 15th, 2010 11:51 pm
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I've agreed to do the marathon leg. Now I need to train a bit and extort money from people.

I kind of love JK Rowling: I’ve never voted Tory before ... and they keep on reminding me why.

Who should you vote for? UK General Election quiz

Liberal Democrat29
UK Independence14

You expected: LIB

Your recommendation: Liberal Democrat

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The Digital Economy Bill passed last night. Hello, government powers to disconnect users and block websites that host or link to or intend to host copyright-infringing material (I believe this clause is still under negotiation/debate). This could include, oh, YouTube. LJ/DW. Google cache. Wikileaks. Something embarrassing to the government goes up on wikileaks? Infringing our copyright! Blocked!
I know this is probably the parliamentary equivalent of estimating 4 days instead of 2.5, just in case, but I've known 3-day estimates to turn into 5-week ones (looking at you, Typical Boydev).

You can use to find out whether your MP bothered to attend the debate or not. Neither mine nor my parents' did.

Here we go

Apr. 6th, 2010 11:35 pm
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So apparently we're going to have a General Election. It seems like it's been coming for years.

In other news, I fried up a pan of bacon and leeks for dinner. Mmm.
The government are trying to rush the Digital Economy Bill into law before they have to announce a General Election. It would put the onus on ISPs to prevent customers from downloading copyrighted material -- this would likely involve deep packet inspection, the digital equivalent of opening your letters. The cost of doing so will inevitable raise the price of internet access, and the wrong people will no doubt be disconnected. The fact that it came about in the present format by Mandelson cosying up to Big Media only adds nausea to indignation.

Write to your MP to ask them to have the bill properly debated.
I went to see KOTCS with C. and [ profile] elerrina_amanya the week after it can out, but I haven't got around to talking about it yet.

Has anyone not yet seen this film?? )

In other news, Dubya is in NI today and managed to bring pretty much the entire afternoon commute out of Belfast to a standstill, bother the wretched man. And then he did soundbites for the radio about how committed he is to the peace praw-cess. Like he's done so brilliantly with peace.

Perhaps we can send him back to America via Heathrow Terminal 5? There's a good chance he'll get lost for ever in some Italian warehouse.
Just when I thought my opinion of the DUP couldn't sink any lower, they go and vote for the 42 day detention, helping it scrape in.

Does nobody remember how wonderfully internment worked last time?? Obviously the DUP were on the side that wasn't getting locked up without trial, but you'd think they might possibly have caught a clue looking at the results.

Of course, I doubt very much the vote was from conviction. Whatever they were bought for, I hope it was something good. I'll just be off to rearrange my proportional representation order for the next election.

For crying out loud, even the BNP are against 42 days! You know there's got to be something wrong whenever your MPs are less in favour of civil liberties than the neo-Nazis.
I was actually slightly surprised to hear that the Democratic primary is over; it had got to the point where it seemed like it had been going on FOREVER and there was no reason why it shouldn't continue indefinitely. I'm glad our election campaigns are so much shorter or I would be driven insane.

Ian Paisley is giving up leadership of the DUP.

It's not like I liked the man. And I think the DUP sold out. Nevertheless. It's like getting up in the morning and seeing that Cave Hill has shifted into the lough in the night.

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May. 11th, 2007 10:15 pm
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I saw a picture of Tom Cruise on a magazine cover, and thought, "Oh, John Travolta". Now I was looking at it sort of sideways, but perhaps there is some weird Scientology thing going on...

So Blair is going, finally. I remember holding a mock election in school back in 1997, and I voted Labour. Hah. Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.
For what length of time is it permissible to keep a borrowed book? The book in question is a mass market paperback of about 350 pages. I've had it for about 10 days already and I haven't had time to start it.

Ton that subject, is it just me, or are American mass market paperbacks of poorer quality than British ones? I've bought American editions of SF books off amazon, and nearly all of them have ink that smudges like newsprint (Baen Books, that's you I'm looking at), or text that is misaligned so that it's running down into the spine or off the edge of the page.

Somewhat to my surprise, it appears that the Assembly is actually going to assemble.
One of the Fermanagh/South Tyrone candidates was arrested for attempted murder during the vote counting. Still, Bobby Sands got elected to that constituency while actually in jail, so there you go.

In other news, the roleplayer who stole frilly knickers at knifepoint has been convicted. There's another 'geeks are insane' point notched up in the public consciousness, sigh.

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Mar. 6th, 2007 07:49 pm
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I was flicking through Michael Moore's Stupid White Men today. He takes a chapter off from Bush and Co to discuss global problem children...sure enough, the craziest corner of north Europe's in there.

His contribution to the solution of all Northern Ireland's problems? Convert the Protestants to Catholicism by force.

You know, he should have pitched that to the writers of Give My Head Peace instead.

First, Protestant does not equal Loyalist or even Unionist. Ditto Catholic and Republican/Nationalist. There's a very strong correlation, but it's not 100%.

Secondly, I know it's a joke. Lighten up, and all that. But you can only laugh about it if you've lived in the mess. How come the Palestinians got passive resistance, which might have a minuscule chance of making things better, and Northern Ireland got a sneer?

Than man spent pages and pages complaining that Bush is presiedent even though he had a minority of the votes. This seemed to get him very angry. So why is he even mentioning the equivalent of waving a sparkly wand at Democrats and crying 'You're a Republican'? So what does he mean, Britain has no right to Northern Ireland? Majorities win, NI has a Unionist majority, that's why it's part of the UK.

The problem with Northern Ireland isn't the Protestants; it's the inability of people to stop hating The Other Lot, the horrendously disadvantaged areas, the bastard gun-runners who are in the drugs these days, the economy that took off (goodness knows how when 65% of all jobs are in the public sector) and left the bottom section of the population behind, the paramilitary control of communities.

You know, I'd really like to see Mr Moore, a priest and a bucket of holy water in tow, set off up the Shankill to pacify Northern Ireland. On foot, if you please. I hope he isn't overly fond of his teeth. Or his kneecaps.
More election pamphlets through the door today, one urging me Votail Sinn Fein. No, thanks. I noticed that they listed their policies in bullet points; there would be perhaps six English, then one in Irish, then another four English, one in Irish etc. My theory is that the ones like 'Deport all Protestants' were cunningly put into Irish.

However, it burned with exciting blue-green flames (because of all the green ink they use) and a satisfactory and suitably explosive whoomph.

BTW, is anyone else noticing difficulties in posting comments? I keep getting errors.

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Nov. 10th, 2006 08:34 pm
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The council has put up Christmas lights. Gah.
I passed a woman in the street today selling little bunches of white heather. I didn't know anyone still did that nowadays.
So the American election is over. It always seems weird to me to have only two parties so if you don't like one there's only one alternative. Perhaps they need a Monster Raving Loony Party? In Northern Ireland we have 9 or 10 parties that run, though most of them are raving loonies. My voting doesn't have any effect on who's in power at Westminster, so it's mostly concentrated on Not Sinn Fein Or The Other Lot.

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Mar. 22nd, 2006 01:33 pm
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Has anyone heard anything more about the man in Afganistan who was to be executed? It was all over the BBC news yesterday, but I haven't heard anything today. The thing that bothered me was the Muslims on the news saying things like 'Muslim law does not require the death penalty for converting to another religion, but if he were to cause problems, such as trying to convert others, that would be a very serious matter.'
Because telling other people about your religion is a terrible crime. *eyeroll* These regimes act as though they think their people just have to hear about another religion to abandom Islam. Is Allah so unable to look after his own?


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