Seen in an advertisement for Sky+:

"It's revolutionised the way I watch TV completely."

Oh, here we go again. Enormous explosions of ancient kerfuffle seem to have become a monthly occurrence in Harry Potter fandom. Everyone seems to have broken out into a fit of memoir-writing. This time, someone's gone for the biggie: the entire Inner Circle, guest-starring all their friends. I was surprised to see that I've been in the fandom for as long as Heidi (summer 2000). I've no temptation to write anything though, as I was oblivious of most that went on.
In the entry below, I note that Crystalwank took place as long ago as April 2004. My years are pastede on yay.

And in other news, I'm having a day off. Closing the quarter, what's that? Actually there's no way we're going to get it done on Monday, or possibly even Tuesday. But right now I couldn't care less.
After disposing of [ profile] msscribe, bad_penny now is doing Cassandra Claire and the plagiarism thing. This fandom was founded on teh crazy.

What a to-do

Jun. 19th, 2006 01:03 pm
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Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday at the weekend; I am now better off by £80 and a small glass owl (I seem to be starting a collection).

Like half the rest of LJ, I have been enthralled over the last few days by the posts of [ profile] charlottelennox. Most of the fun seems to be happening at bad_penny on JournalFen. It's like a traincrash. It makes Crystalwank look as simple as a toddler's tantrum.

It's pretty unbelievable that [ profile] msscribe ([ profile] dejaspirit) would go to such lengths for something as paltry as internet popularity, but if she's innocent, the coincidences frankly beggar belief. Then there's the theory that [ profile] charlottelennox is [ profile] msscribe, which is just silly.

The way to get well-known in fandom is to be like [ profile] fernwithy, [ profile] seviet or [ profile] leelastarsky, producing quality fanworks and not making so much kafuffle it BRAKES TEH INTARWEBS.

All over the world, people are reading IT. I am determinedly avoiding spoilers--I'm not even going to look at my Friends list in case I am tempted. Two more days--be strong!

Last night I dreamt that it was H/H and Falcon crowed over all the R/H shippers. It was nearly a relief to have the Luke/Leia dream after that one!

If it goes H/H my confidence in my ability to read and understand a text shall be severely shaken. Falcon's oh-so-brilliant analysis of Star Wars had me pretty well discounting him from the start. Harry=Han because Han was played by Harrison Ford, who is sometimes called 'Harry'. Ron=Luke because they're 'both whiny'. Luke is the person who 'whines and laments his fate'. Han is the Hero--Luke did heroic things 'because he was told to'.

Did this man watch the same films as I did, or did he have the Basher's Edition?? (You know, I thought Luke's tendency was to do the exact opposite of what he was told to: Stay put and guard the droids--No, let's rescue the princess! Don't go to Cloud City--They're my friends, I've got to help them! You must destroy Vader--I can't kill my own father! Admittedly with varied degrees of success, but he's only human. And reckless. And brave. And almost impossibly altruistic. I love Luke, did I ever mention that? :-D)

Anyway, this guy also comes up with gems such as 'Ron is gay'--oh, that would be why he has four times the reaction of Harry to Veelas, then? He's what you call an orc. The thought of him being right and me (and not just me, people like Angua and Fernwithy and Sreya) being wrong...

I'm worried about the death too. Apparently it's a surprising one, so not Dumbledore. (Hero's Mentor=large target on back saying 'Shoot here'). I was prepared for Dumbledore, Hagrid and Snape to die. See, JKR, one per book?? Please??

People I expect to die: Dumbledore, Hagrid and Snape.
People I would probably stop reading the series if they died: The Trio, Ginny, Remus, Molly and Arthur.
People I am very worried about: The rest of the Weasleys, Sirius, McGonagall, Cho, Neville.
Everyone else I could cope with...I wouldn't like Draco Malfoy to die, but I think he'll be around till Book Seven anyroad.

I've got a horrible feeling it's Sirius...come on, hasn't Harry lost enough parents already?!


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