Our neighbour across the road and down the lane has recently acquired two kittens for his little girls. Said kittens are about six months old. This weekend, he must have been away, because they decided to come up to our house and sit on our windowsills squeaking. They let you come to within a couple of feet of you and then run away. They occasionally invade the house and eat our cats' food. The funniest part? Seeing our two, adult cats, one an eleven-pound bruiser, cowering in terror in front of a couple of half-sized kittens. We own the wimpiest cats in County Down.


Aug. 11th, 2007 05:02 pm
owl: Smudge on a radiator, eyes lamping (smudge2)
How does one go about removing tar from a cat's paws? (Our road has just been sprayed and screened. Smudge's feet are now little solid lumps.)
Here is Smudge, rather a lot of him. SOME AR B MACROS
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Feb. 26th, 2007 10:13 pm
owl: Murphy on a walk; eyes headlamping in the flash (muffin2)
My family is feeding the neighbours cat, Daisy (male. The three-year-old named it) while they are away. My mam went down to feed it, and who should be waiting for her but Muffin. Now we know where his gut came from. I'm calling him 'Double Diner'.

Move it, LJ

Feb. 15th, 2007 09:46 pm
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Aiee! Why must LJ insist on turning itself nasty colours for special occasions?? Also, it is somewhat broken. Is this because of the recent code push, or did [ profile] ohnotheydidnt break it again?

We met a suicidal pheasant in the road yesterday. Fortunately there was nothing coming the other way, so my dad swerved and missed it, but I couldn't help thinking of Lawrie Marlow.

This evening my mam looked through the kitchen door into the darkened utility room, and said, 'Aw, what are you doing out there my yourself, wee pet?' to Smudge, the black and white cat. Closer inspection revealed that she was speaking to my brother's school uniform trousers which were waiting to be put into the washing machine; black with a white strip at the inside of the waist, and what she thought was Smudge's eye was in fact the metal catch of the flies.
Smudge is being exceedingly loving. He is sitting on my knee and butting my chin with his nose. Sadly, he is also very cold and wet.
I have all my presents all wrapped, yay. Sadly we have visitors tomorrow, so my mam is running around cleaning and saying, 'Where is present X? I can't find it anywhere! Perhaps I've already wrapped it?'

Muffin has deflated his head (actually it turned out that it wasn't really swollen up, it was all the gunk from his ear making the fur stick out) and is back to his normal self, not to mention his normal greedy eating habits.

Two days till we get more Doctor Who! The Runaway Bride doesn't have very fancy hair to be at her wedding, does she? Also, how come her dress has shoulders in it instead of the strapless shelf-boob ones that are in all the shops?

I haven't watched Torchwood for two weeks, although I hear last week's wasn't bad, and we have it on video. I think this makes me not a fan.

Also, LJ still hasn't fixed the bug where the mood icon preview overlaps the labels for the comment settings field. Sigh.

Merry Christmas, flist!

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Dec. 19th, 2006 10:18 pm
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Muffin has been a bit droopy the last couple of days (my brother said 'his tail is broken!' because he wasn't holding it up), and today his face is swollen, and he was scratching his ear like mad. Now the infection or whatever has burst and there is pus coming out of his ear. Trouble is, he won't stop scratching, so how is it ever going to heal up?


Dec. 2nd, 2006 01:15 pm
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Smudge has a new nickname: MudCat. Yesterday he came in so wet and spiky that where he sat down, he left a little muddy circle, complete with texture.

Muffin weighs 13 lb and is addressed as 'How fat is my cat'.

Kitty woes

Sep. 30th, 2006 10:14 pm
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Poor Smudge is suffering with his ear mites. He starts to scratch his under his ears, and wails in pain. We've got some stuff from the vet, but it's very hard to get both cats disinfected at the same time.

It isn't being a good weekend from him. Last night a stray dog turned up and chased him up a tree. We chased the dog away with the hose and rescued Smudge with the ladder. All through the night I dreamt of wailing cats and barking dogs. Then I woke up and found that it was real; the dog had returned in the night and was chasing the other cat, Muffin. They're both in front of the fire now, and will be spending tonight in their room (originally built as a tack room, but it's just the right size for two cats).

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May. 18th, 2006 08:53 pm
owl: (smudgey)
On Tuesday there was a woman on the bus with a cat in a carrier. Today she was back, with another cat in the carrier, and in a bed in a wire box a queen and four tiny wee kittens. They were three weeks old or so, with their eyes just open, and they kept trying to swim up the sides of their bed. Their claws were still unretracted and they had those paddle-shaped feet that very young kittens have. They were simply adorable.

We took our cats for a walk (we wanted to see the bluebells in the fort down the road), and a family passed us on bicycles and Smudge (see icon) hid in the hedge for ten minutes. I was also out on my fungicidal mission again. It seems to be well mixed into the flowerbed.

Oh, and the Home Office is cracking down on illegal immigrants—the ones that were working as cleaners in the Home Office that is. You couldn't make this up. They should come to us to see our pile of rejected applications for medical cards. Reason for coming to UK: higher standard of living. Sorry, no visa, no medical card.

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Apr. 15th, 2006 12:33 pm
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My prompt for the Bujold ficathon:

I'd like an undocumented moment or time in Gregor's life: either a 'missing scene' (e.g. his face-off with Aral from The Vor Game, or the conversation with Cordelia about Serg, or the moments before the drop from the balcony), or something from a period that the books don't cover (either during his childhood or after his marriage); or else something wry and sweet about Gregor and Laisa (any stage in their life). Not keen on explicit sex.

Ack! Can't decide which one, they're all too good. Oh, well, I'm off in a different fandom today anyway (oooo-eeeee-oooooo-eee-oooo)

I came into the room and heard this little noise. I couldn't work out what it was at first, but it was Smudge, who had crept in and lain down in the corner, purring to greet me.

Cats #2

Apr. 6th, 2006 09:30 pm
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The little cat followed [ profile] elerrina_amanya home. She still yowls at the other cats. Muffin is scared to go outside (come on, Muff, you're twice her weight!), and I don't think Smudge has even noticed that's she's here yet. He's a little bit special in the head.


Apr. 5th, 2006 10:19 pm
owl: (smudgey)
Smudge, the cat in the icon, spent half an hour today in a tree, meeping piteously, before he worked out how to get down again. He has the funniest little miaow, and sometimes he opens his mouth and no sound comes out.

There is a house 1/2 a mile down the road with 2 cats, and the lady had to go into a nursing home. I think the neighbour feeds them, but the little female has got very thin, so we brought it up to the house and fed it until we were afraid it would burst. We thought our cats would beat it up, but when Muffin came in the lady cat yowled and howled and hissed. He wasn't too bothered by her, but we didn't let them get within clawing distance. It's a shame she's so annoyed by him, because before that my ma was wanting to keep her. But she doesn't have the time to separate three fighting howling furballs all the time.

We took Pretty back to her own house in our boys' cat transport-cage thing, with a pile of dried food to keep her happy. She ate all the way (in the car), and when my mam tried to release her, she stuck her claws into the side of the box and wouldn't get out. Poor kitty, I wish we could keep her. She's very loving and lets us all stroke her even though we're practically strangers.
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You can find a Leia theme here. Comment & credit in your userinfo if you take any of these, thanks.

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The cats, Smudge and Muffin, are growing fast; not surprising considering they seem to be walking alimentary tracts. They went to the vet's for their injections yesterday, with some bloodshed. The vet just picked them up, jabbed them, and squirted them with flea-killer, while they dangled from her hand looking indignant. Smudge tends to go AWOL, but I've discovered that he usually ends up asleep on a potato sack behind the utility-room door. I've convinced Fin to climb on my knee by holding up a spoonful of kitten food, at some cost to my jeans.

Name Poll

Oct. 7th, 2005 08:05 pm
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Gakked from everyone.

Type "[Your name] needs" (with quotation marks) into Google, then turn the results into a poll.

[Poll #585405]

The cats are now tentatively Muffin and Smudge, although Dog, Fudge, Finn and Schrodinger are still hanging in there.


Oct. 7th, 2005 06:04 pm
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We've just got two kittens! Both boys, as far as we can make out; we think they're about 9 or 10 weeks old. One is black with white feet and bib and the other is a grey mackeral tabby. No names as yet, although I have heard Mithrandir or Fog, and Smudge suggested. And Schrödinger, of course. When I have a cat of my own, it'll be called Schrödinger. They're a bit wild at the minute, especially the tabby, so we've been taking it in turns to sit out in the porch (room in the house with least funiture) with them and talking to and stroking them. We've switched to using the kitchen door as our back door so they can't escape when someone comes in.


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You made 93 guesses.
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