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Nov. 10th, 2003 06:35 pm
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The links, news, art and essays pages of Skywalking are all messed up in the menu. And I can't get back to my BT connection to fix them till Friday. Oh bother it!
Name: Skywalking


My Description: The Skywalker Family's fan page

First Impression:

Nice. Simple and easy to read. As I'm sure you've come to know, I'm not a fan of starfield backgrounds (but they're so danged popular!), but this one is nice and subtle. Nice menu at the top of each page; navigation will never be an issue here.


First of all, I must say that the little introduction on the site's main page was both empassioned and eloquent. It's always nice to see a fan sharing their affections to other fans. It gives the site a soul.

The Images section was pretty full. Since the site focuses on the Skywalkers, all the images are of Luke, Anakin, and their relations. Plenty to find here, and even some images of smuggler extraordinaire Han Solo, who is a member of the family by proxy.

Most impressive, though, is the site's fanfiction section, which is large and full of great fan fics. The webmaster's stories are well-written and just fun to read. I especially appreciated the stories set early in Luke's life; it was interesting to see a fan's glimpse into the hero's childhood. These are the types of stories that make fanfic fun to read.

A small fan art gallery is also an interesting addition to the site.


As the site's focus seems to mainly be on fanfic, it looks to be updated as new stories are completed. There were no bad links or any problems that would need to be noted. The good design and color choices make it easy to navigate and read.

Who Would Like It:

Fans of the Skywalkers from the movies

Final Thought:

This is a simple site that has a lot of heart. I like the fan fiction, and after reading the opening page, would be interested in reading more essay-like works on the movies and the relationships between the Skywalker family members written by the webmaster.
Definitely a site to keep an eye on.

I'm so chuffed!

I'm tired...

May. 31st, 2003 07:59 pm
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I thought I would be happy when the exams were over, but I'm just wrecked. I updated Skywalking tonight though—you Star Wars fans might want to take a look.


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