So a police helicopter chases an unidentified flying object over Cardiff.

Torchwood let that one slip through!
So, Torchwood. Depressing Y/N? I do so like Rhys/Gwen though now. And Tosh and Gwen working together, they should do that more often.
Grrrrr SUP

No new Basic accounts can be created as of yesterday.

So, are we leaving LJ now or what? Where's everyone's backups? I'm catre on GJ and jediowl on JF, and am on IJ as thewhiteowl.

I mean, I don't want to leave LJ. I like it here. I have a perm account (until SUP decides to downgrade it to Plus). But if everyone else goes, there's nothing to stay for.

Cannot be bothered to watch this week's Torchwood in the iPlayer. Everyone's saying it's rubbish, so I may give it a miss.

Fic rec for TW

Mar. 8th, 2008 10:50 pm
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LOLarious (literally) Torchwood fic.

"Is that a talking cat?" Jack asked, off in the distance.

"It does appear to be," Ianto said carefully. The cat leapt from his shoulder to Tosh's desk. The others gathered round slowly.

"I HAS A HOOMANS," the cat continued.
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Jan. 30th, 2008 11:32 pm
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Jan. 8th, 2008 09:04 pm
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Having done snow last week, the weather has apparently now got stuck at 'deluge'.

We were snowed in on Friday, and we built the biggest snowman evah. He was over six feet tall and rather wide, with a carrot nose and canes for arms, and we named him Horatio. His body was so large it took three of us to push it at the end, and we had to transport his head in a wheelbarrow so that it didn't end up the same size as the body.

Sadly it started to rain just after we had finished and he spent the next three days melting to a small lump of ice like a baby comet.

Has everyone seen the Torchwood clips? Oh, the team is such utter rubbish. It looks like they've given up trying to make out that I AR SERIOUS PROGRAMME and are playing it for the lulz. Crack-canon ahoy!
We Three Time Lords of Gallifrey are, in our TARDIS we travel afar* )

*I think the Three Time Lords of the cut should be the Doctor, Romana and the Master
I am feeling a bit worried about Martha. Obviously tomorrow she will be awesome as usual, and I'm not seriously afraid of her dying, but I do hope that the Unrequited Rubbish will be resolved in some satisfactory manner.
I'm actually a bit concerned that Martha will tell the Doctor to get stuffed and leave, and who can blame her if she did? I hope she'll stay around and be amazing for another series at least, and I will be cross if she does the default companion exit and goes to work for Torchwood. It would also mean that Torchwood would be shown up as the collection of pathetic incompetents that they are (ooh, Martha vs Owen!) and it would have to stop running after two episodes, unless Martha gets infected by the Magic Uselessness, which would be tragic.

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Feb. 24th, 2007 10:31 pm
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The Torchwood finale:

Do I need to cut for spoilers? )

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Dec. 5th, 2006 09:24 pm
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[ profile] doyle_sb4 and I have worked out why series 2 of DW was so giggly and fluffy at times; all the angst was being used up by Torchwood. Also, the TARDIS got a bit mixed up and gave Jack's flirtiness to Ten instead. Having said that, Jack did seem more like his DW self in the last episode.

So, the moral of this episode was: indefinite life is a bit crap, but being dead is worse. Oh, and Gwen is an idiot, but we knew that.
Okay, I'm sure that 8787 other people have come up with this before me, but what if

May contain traces of spoilers )

I took a look in Forbidden Planet and there were this couple with a small baby in a buggy. Daddy (who had a ponytail halfway down his back) was holding his very small daughter up to a rack of comics. Carefully imprinting her, like a baby bird...
For those who haven't seen this already:

Torchwood main board decides that administrative failings need to be tackled throughout the organisation

It's alien horror show turned into corporate-speak!
Ok, shoot me now. If it had been set in Belfast instead of Cardiff....

The characters:

Richard Oldham. Token ethnic minority, ie English. Has angsty past (he's a vampire), and current problem; the fact that the Prodisans and Cafflicks dislike him almost as much as they do each other.

Seosamh O Mhaollchallann, né Joseph Mulholland. (The other Torchwood members call him Joe because they can't pronounce Irish). Does the history-geek stuff. Lecturer in Irish Studies at Queen's University Belfast. This only takes up 5 hours of his week, so he has plenty of time for Torchwood.

Ian McCaughey. Computer-genius boy. Grew up on dairy farm in Kells Ahoghill, which he avoids visiting. Sexist in a teenage sort of way. Was called after Ian Paisley. Finds this embarrassing, but still votes DUP.

Heather Blair. Hails from Cherryvalley. Source of ready cash (rich family) and general facilitator, the Ianto type. Has a dark secret in the basement, possibly involving Semtex. Slightly pretentious middle-class.

Cliodhna O'Neill. Native of Tuam, County Galway. (Ian tends to mention Galway hookers*) Annoys Joe by speaking better Irish than he does. She's the one who froths at the mouth and starts kneecapping people for the greater good of humanity in the first episode.

Frankie Devlin. As a bisexual Catholic female, she was a godsend to the PSNI recruitment. She found out there was a Torchwood and a rift in space and time in the middle of Belfast after being hit on the head with a half-brick during a sectarian riot on Donegall Pass. Possesses an alledged background in Ballymurphy, stripey hair, mum (Bernadette) played by Ma from Gie ma Head Peace, put-upon boyfriend called Mickey and an anomalous middle-class mindset.

*Galway hooker=variety of small boat

Possibly [ profile] doyle_sb4 and [ profile] marymac are the only two people on the intarwebz who would get both the TW and nI references.

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Oct. 26th, 2006 12:17 pm
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My uncle, aunt and cousins form england visited us last night, so I forgot to watch the repeat of Torchwood. Oh, well, it's not like I need another fandom. I read some spoilers, though: Spoilers )


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