I went up to Queens to pick up my academicals and pay the exorbitant graduation fee. I saw the morning gradates coming out of the Whitla, all the BA's (possibly) with their red and fur hoods. That'll be me tomorrow! As I was walking to the train station along Botanic, there was a man singing Yesterday, accompanying himself on a guitar, and doing it rather well too. He stopped rather abruptly when a couple of police appeared, which makes me think he didn't have a busker's liscence.
I swanned about the house in my gown and hood feeling like Harriet Vane or Snape or Hermione by turns. And now I know first hand what Harriet meant about her struggles with her hood. The thing is a device of torture. One can button it down on to the jacket (it has a little toggle beneath the point for the purpose), but I am only wearing a shirt which isn't sufficiently heavy to anchor the whole hood. I got some safety pins in the village so it should be okay.
I do have a short skirt after all, the one belonging to my suit. I used to say when I bought that suit at seventeen that I would graduate in it, and now I am!
The strapped shoes (Mary Janes I think Americans call them?) which I wear with the suit didn't work; they made me look exactly like Hermione with short hair, so now I am wearing Mam'a sandals that look the same as the ones she graduated in thiry years ago! Unfortunately they are navy, with the black gown, but that can't be helped now.
We took some photos on the front lawn under the chestnut tree and on the other side of the garden by the old byre, in front of the hydrangea bushes. Hopefully they'll come out, but we're hedging our bets by using all the cameras.


Jun. 21st, 2004 11:31 pm
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I got a

[livejournal.com profile] jediowl, BSc (Hons). Sounds kind of good, doesn't it?

Also, today is the summer solstice and OotP's first birthday. And I have an Honours degree. Did I mention that? :-P
The Eurovision Song Contest was on tonight. The Ukranians (dressed in a sort of dominatrix get up, sang like a drug-addled crow) won. The Balkans all voted for each other (one disadvantage of the break-up of the Communist block: Eurovision takes twice as long), and Terry Wogan took the michael unmercifully all the way through.
You can see all the odd alliances between countries; the Balkans vote for each other, despite having been at war for the last ten years, and the Irish give the UK a low vote. It also highlights why the English, Scots, Welsh and Irish don't call themselves 'European' and get annoyed when Americans do it; those people are downright weird.
As the winner was announced, the Ukranians didn't reappear onstage for quite a while, a la the von Trapps (though the Ukranians weren't on the run from Nazis and The Sound of Music didn't have a cynical voiceover saying stuff like, 'And if they take any longer you'll have to repeat that all in Turkish.') Last year's winner, who was presenting the award, caught her stilleto heel in the stage in the best comedic tradition and had to be extracted before the show continued.
'And you can continue viewing on BBC3 if you have digital--but why would you want to? Insane voting, insane songs; the Eurovision Song Contest, is there anything like it?'
To which I answer, thank heavens, no.
And why is Israel in it? Perhaps the Arabs wouldn't let them join the Middle East-a-vision Song Contest? 'Get out of our country you bloody Americans...everyone join the chorus!'

Also, http://www.jkrowling.com is very interesting! Ginevra??!!! WHAT!! Six plain English names (eight counting the parents) and then Ginevra? Sounds like something a Mary Sue author would dream up. No wonder she goes by Ginny.
Perhaps now the 'Ron/Ginny will betray Harry because s/he has red hair like Judas Iscariot and his/her surname sounds like 'weasel'' will finally be laid to rest. But then, the perpetrators of these theories are all on CRAX anyway, and have already shown a tendency to disbelieve JKR. I like to think that the author is the most likely to know the future direction of her series and may drop hints to that effect; I dunno, I'm simple like that.
As for her not answering the R/H versus H/H Neverending Debate because 'she likes the fan argument'; she should go on the Deathmatch anonymously, arguing only from current canon and interviews, and see how long it takes her to get sick of it

Just finished my Fundamental Particles assignment (my answers are a load of crap, btw). The last assignment I'll do as an undergraduate (I hope!). How bizarre, and a little sad. It's been a good three years.

We went for a walk over a Hillsborough this afternoon and the bluebells were in full bloom, and there was campion out and the beech leaves were new and green. I never heard as many English accents outside England, either. The train was late, and at one point was actually going in reverse. NIR, how I love thee.
Last night the DJ on the radio said that the band Sixpence None the Richer were named for a quotation from CS Lewis' Mere Christianity. When I go home I must look this up. If I can find my copy of MC!
Finished my poster at 1am last night. Unfortunately we didn't realise that we were doing the same on, and Diarmid did one too. But mine is better. I think he was trying to fit an entire report on one A1 page.
Conversation while waslking from Quantum analysis class with Dave:
Him: So, if there's a finite possibility of atoms quantum tunnelling through a barrier, does that mean that the chair is tunnelling into my skin?
Me: Yeah, but it would take millions of years for any noticable effect to take place.
Him: Well, Quantum lectures feel like millions of years. So at the end of a long class, are you more chair than human?
Me: *laughter* He's more chair now than man, twisted and evil.

This of course led to a series of 'No, I am your chair', 'Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your chair!' and 'Use the chair, Luke!' comments.

Whee for Star Wars making physics fun! (It can also be used to illustrate the theory of special relativity. So, if Luke and Yoda had a light clock on Dagobah, and Han and Leia are travelling at an appreciable fraction of c relative to them, and have an identical clock...)
Handed in my Quantum assignment. It's a big pile of crap, but hey...
Did next to no work in the 4 hours I've been in the lab today. Read a Tolkien MarySue parody fic, called Game of the Gods, at the Pit of Voles, and surfed fandom_wank. Domlijah shippers and tinhats...Oh, for the days when LotR fandom wars were over the vexed question of whether or not Balrogs have wings. I should drop in at AFT or RABT and see what's going on there these days.
Oww! My only lecture today got cancelled, and I only was told after I had dragged myself out of bed. My Quantum assignment is going rather wrong, but on the bright side I think I may have Fourier analysis licked.
And I wrote a page of fanfic last night! Take that, Darth writer's Block and Darth No Time!

Pretty PotC icon. I find that I don't even use all 15. Glad I didn't shell out $20 for 50!

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Oct. 31st, 2003 09:55 am
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Tonight the population of Ireland will celebrate Samhain as they have for hundreds of years. Does anyone else find that weird in this day and age? See, because of the high population of Catholics, we don't have bonfires and fireworks on the 5th of November like the English, we have them on Hallowe'en. Pumpkins and trick-or-treat have only come in fairly recently, and costumes are not big at all. The tradition food is apple tart with silver coins in it, and it's lucky if you find the silver. I kept one of my Hallowe'en five pences pieces for a couple of years once.

I meant to get up early and type out my MRI essay, but it was cold. Meh. Now I'm going to be late for class.

Belated happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] echotiarra!
This is a really terrible week, and it's only Monday yet. *roll eyes*
Everyone except me went over to the new house yesterday, and Naomi came back in a terrible tantrum. Surely it can't be that bad? It cannot be worse than Renwick, really. Then Christopher disappeared just in time to not give me a lift up last night. Reappeared at 10.30 with his phone clutched to one ear--Jenny, I diagnose. Come on, girl, you don't have to phone him twice a day! Although, to be fair, the long-distance relationship thing must be pretty tough. One more reason he should have stayed at QUB... He's applying for a job as a research assistant at Aberdeen University. Not very convenient for Jenny or for us.

Then I got hold of that accursed Ep 3 spoiler. It seems rather bogus, so early in the game, but...Gah! George! )

And, to top it off, my labs are going down the toilet. I simply cannot make everything join up right. and I keep being distracted be going to look at what people are saying about the spoiler, and worrying about it.

I think I need to get some perspective.

I may take a time-out from this fandom.
Blooming Kurucz and his curves...WHY will this not work for me?!?


Oct. 8th, 2003 12:01 pm
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I'm meant to be in Physics in Medicine as of one minute ago, by the computer clock. And I meant to grab something to eat and get myself an appoinment for a haircut in this free hour. Mehh..
Oh, my project is the Stellar Temperature one, BTW.
I have three lectures. One, great. Two, meh. Three is just too much when you didn't get a lot of sleep the previous night. I'm going to a talk on post-graduate study in the USA at lunch. Dear knows when I'll manage to get lunch :)
I'm revising Rebel Heart at the minute, trying to bring out a few points I don't think I succeeded with.


May. 23rd, 2003 11:50 am
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Have started revising Astro. Go me!

Also writing fanfic. I'm really blocked with the H/L fic (I think I really want to write about Luke ;D), so i'm plodding away at the OC fic. I reckon I have about a dozen scenes left to go, perhaps 5K. Then I'll have to revise it, let it settle, revise it, get it beta'd, edit it...
What clever person had the idea of setting exams on a FREAXIN Saturday afternoon?? I've had about six hours sleep because some drunken idiots were screaming under my window at 2 am. I haven't even showered or eaten yet, because I'm in the computer lab sending past paper answers to a friend. I think I'll go home and ha\ve coffee, see if I can't wake up at least.

Look at my icon. That's the way I feel--half-dazed :D
Optics SUX. Ditto Atomic and Molecular. Nuclear, Solar System and Astro SUX marginally less, but they still SUX.


Apr. 28th, 2003 01:01 pm
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I'm back at uni. Need to revise. Am going to fail Optics. I have to stop writing fanfic!! And reading it. The lights went out in our Nuclear and Radiation lecture this morning. The lecturer returned out assignments by the light of a cigarette lighter. funny if he'd set them on fire! He looks like a grown-up harry without the eyes. Weird.
Our Astonomy lectures this morning were on the Big Bang. Find first three seconds of universe unconvincing somehow. Cosmological constant Hubble expansion ptooiiieee grargh....

oh joy

Apr. 24th, 2003 06:47 pm
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Have finished lab report. Go me. Have written 35 pages of fanfic when meant to be revising. Go me, again.
I revised a half-module of Solar System Physics and wrote 10 pages of fanfic today. Somehow I think the fic got more than its fair share of attention. Bad girl! Must revise! But lovely lovely H/L mush is calling out to be written...


Apr. 18th, 2003 10:03 pm
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I have got a good chance of getting in a house with two people I originally wanted to live with, but who thought they didn't have room. I'm so thankful. I was starting to panic.
I hate revision. I hate lab reports. Oh course, this would be the time I start to burst with Han/Leia fanfic bunnies. Aaaarrrghhh...


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